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Programs We Can Bring To You:

•Mixed - Here the voices of those born into families with more than one racial group
•Reading Room - Creative reading presentations that address a variety of literacy goals
•Success Stories - Here the success stories of those identified as unlikely to succeed based on the communities they came from
•Senior Day - A great opportunity for seniors to share their stories and create print, audio, and visual documentation of their greatest moments, memories, and achievement
•The Oral Tradition - Through guided writing, discussion, and recording sessions you can produce a full compilation album, booklet, or video sharing your family and/or community history
•Cultural Ambassadors Program – Participants will explore their city or regions most unique cultural attributes and document
•The Great Debate – Participants can participate and/or observe debates on a variety of topics

How Can We Help Your Organization

•We specialize in designing creative campus and community programs
•Creating co-curricular activities that address multiple learning goals
•Mastery of creative idea development on multiple levels
•Provide ideas for  all aspects of programming from concepts to marketing

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